What is the best way to push my listings from Merch to Airtable?

Single Push Filter Live Only (as that’s all it can push) Search to Narrow Down Batch Push Show 15/25/50/100 at a time options Recommend NOT to use 100 and that the max should ideally be only 50, as sometimes multiple pages of 100 at a time can trigger a robot check On the Merch Manage […]

5. Final Steps & Getting Help

Please make sure you have performed the previous four steps before attempting this walkthrough, otherwise you will have problems: Backup your Base Adding the Niches Table Edit the Listings Table Edit the Designs Table After you have completed the previous four steps and brought your base up to date inline with v4.0.1, you might want […]

I don’t see the Merch Wizard icon in Chrome, what do I do?

You should see the little Merch Wizard icon at the top right-hand side of your Chrome browser window, circled here in green: If you don’t see the icon, there are a few reasons for this. It’s possible to hide the icons, even though they are installed, by hovering to the right-hand side of the address/search […]

How to set up Deepl for Merch Wizard

Setting up Deepl will allow you to translate listing information using Merch Wizards translate buttons and Marketplace Migrator. Setup is super easy, and will only take a minute. Keep in mind that Deepl is a 3rd party premium service that requires a separate subscription. Follow the step by step instructions below, or follow along with […]