Relister Function Video

Here is the tutorial video for the Relister & Reactivate features. Duration 6:25 Relist to New This works exactly the same as the older Relister did with single listings before the multi-uploader came from Merch. For this, if the listing for that product is found in your active base then you are able to create a completely […]

Update the Days Pending Removal Formula

If you signed up to Merch Wizard and downloaded the Merch Wizard Airtable Starter Base after June 11th 2019, the Starter Base is already up-to-date with this change so no need to read any further 🙂 For our existing users that are using a Starter Base from before June 11th, then you may amend this […]

How to Use Multiple Airtable Bases

Each free Airtable account comes with an unlimited amount of free bases!  Merch Wizard has made it simple to work with multiple bases! The first thing to do is decide how you want to split up your bases. The most popular option is to do so by marketplace. Other options include by product type, by niche, […]

What can I change in my Merch Wizard Starter Base?

From the Merch Wizard Starter Template base You may NOT: Change any table names Delete any tables Change any Field Types Change any Field Names Delete any Fields Delete the default Grid Views With no risk to the full performance of your Merch Wizard setup you CAN: Reorder the Fields Reorder the Tables Add new Tables Add […]

How can I avoid paying for Airtable?

Get Friends to Sign Up If you are in a lower Tier, then you are probably keen to save money wherever you can. Here are a few tips to help you keep your Airtable costs low or zero. When you sign up and login to Airtable you get a unique referral code by clicking on […]

What does Airtable cost?

Airtable is free to sign up and free for their basic account which enables you to have upto 1200 records and 2GB of file attachments.Visit the Airtable Pricing page for more information and to sign up for an account. Typically a free account should be sufficient for people upto Merch by Amazon Tier 500 or 1000. The […]

Airtable Base Jargon – Basic

Here are a few terms (with spreadsheet equivalent naming conventions) to help you understand words and terms used by us in the Facebook Group, Facebook Page or indeed through support and when visiting the Airtable Site directly. Base – This is Airtable’s word for their database, it’s where all your listings and designs will live together Field – In spreadsheet terms, you […]

What is Airtable?

Airtable is combination of a spreadsheet (like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Apple Numbers) with a database. It looks like a spreadsheet, and doesn’t have all the same functionality as a spreadsheet but has an amazing set of incredibly powerful features that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.Visit Airtable for more information about Airtable, from […]

Where do I learn more about advanced Airtable Features?

If you already know your way around the basic features and functions of Airtable, then you might be trying to add a new custom field or formula and need to know what they support. Their Formula Field Reference is a great place to start.If you really are stuck, or have something complex you need further help with, […]

Product Reviews & Bonus Slack Integration

Learn to Use Merch Wizard & Airtable to view, analyze, & manage product listings with customer reviews. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ And as a bonus for power users, learn to use the Airtable to Slack integration, to be notified when you have synced new product reviews! Article coming soon, but in the meantime please watch our tutorial video on this […]